A few updates.

Ircthulu lives — In The Shadows

Despite popular belief, the logs are still being collected.  This is such a unique project because it’s not just the development of a new project, or the hosting of components for it — it’s also got public relations operations bundled up with its maintenance and it’s very complex.  It’s been exciting, interesting, and educational for me.

Currently in flat file storage mode, will stream to db when ready

The adaptable architecture involved has allowed me to dump to disk for extended periods of time as the feeds stream in to prevent feedback loops from being established by operators at various involved networks being logged.  When I’m confident all issues are addressed I’ll slurp the flat-file storage being currently used to the database and it’ll create a much larger dataset for my instance of Presenta.

Looking at a more robust backend

While I implement an orchestration system called Orchard that will be a kind of a game changer both for Ircthulu’s ability to integrate with external products and for the enterprise community in general, I’m considering moving over to IBM Integration Bus for the backend components of Ircthulu just due to how diverse it is depending on how my evals with it go.  If this works out from what I’ve come to understand about IIB’s capabilities so far it’ll create a robust intelligence pipeline framework but will reduce the deployability of the overall project.  I’m still looking at it.  It will likely depend on how much porting to Java I need to do as I generally try to stay out of the Java space when avoidable just due to the overwhelming marketshare Java has, leaving gaps in other runtimes.  IIB v10 has a developer license that’s free so I should be able to use it for a personal project.  May have to move this project over to ad revenue to offset licensing costs if they don’t and I end up going with IIB.

DIEGE may require Orchard as a dependency

As for DIEGE, it’s still being researched.  Identity generation operations on these networks have alot of exposable properties.  It may need to wait for Orchard’s completion to be able to handle the distributed endpoint nature of this project’s requirements.

Note: I’m not a graphic designer

I’m struggling a bit with my terrible wordpress themes across this project’s whole parent brand.  Might be some 3rd party changes in that area soon depending on what I find.