I’ve decided to evaluate crow and pistache for the REST API in T-ORCH called Orchard.

Django Rest Framework seemed to provide the necessary features but I felt the user management needed to be out of band making most of those features unnecessarily complex for what needs done.  I also have long expressed a community need for C/C++ interfacing with AMQP/RabbitMQ to prevent Java markets from dominating this area of architecture.  In addition to this I found that the Pika interface for AMQP in my last DRF project to be very very slow when interfacing with an MQ to the point of detriment to any project using it.

I may be breaking Orchard up into microservices though, i.e. have one dedicated microservice for user management and another for what the users actually do in orchard.  I haven’t decided yet.  It will be determined entirely on how well I can abstract the API library interface with whatever I end up going with.  Crow so far seems to be exactly what I need, Pistache is promising but somewhat less integrable.