I noticed none of the runners were feeding tonight.

I checked, and apparently all of them were klined shortly after turning the feeds back on.

They’re still finding the runners.  I’ll need to bring in new tools to obfuscate the other points in their field of vision.  The rest is more work than it sounds but it’s worth it in the long run.

First is T-ORCH, then DEIGE, both of which will need to be open source for this to really work.  Until then it’s not recommended to run a runner unless you like being klined.  If you’re willing to risk it, I’ve left synapse running.  I’ll also be creating an “easy deploy” script that will deploy tenta to a remote host for you.  Still working out how to do that securely.  I’ll also need to integrate Leptin into Synapse and fix a bug in Nerve that kills its data file as it’s happened twice now and lost a decent amount of logs when it happens.

Once T-ORCH is ready I’ll need to go back and rewrite most of the IRCTHULU services to actually use it.  This should help me harden the payload model for it since that’s not currently spec’d yet.  After all that’s done I’ll want Tenta to be able to plug into and use DEIGE.  I’ll also want Synapse to move from Synapse mode to Leptin mode via T-ORCH and vice versa and I’ll want Tenta to handle various commands from there.

Oh, the worse news.  That typo that lost 80,000 records — it was more like 200,000 as there were two negative events during the restructure..

On the bright side, since the new features automate the last few pieces, they’ll eventually wear out without developing new software.  They’ve got some smart people but I’m relatively confident that the only way they’re finding the runners still is that they’re k-lining random users on hunches and I’ve already seen some evidence of that.


  • Spec and design the new big-boy toy, T-ORCH.
  • Implement T-ORCH.
  • Integrate all services into T-ORCH (including Tenta layer).
  • Implement DEIGE.  Will probably involve a couple of microservices.  Am considering reimplementing HOWDI as a microservice component of DEIGE.
  • Integrate Leptin into Synapse
  • Fix data source processing bug in Nerve.
  • Integrate Tenta into DEIGE, possibly via T-ORCH for automated identity cycling.